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Last update: June 12. 2018

Shop is CLOSED

Minimum purchase of 10$ for non flats or 5$ for flats please.

Flats (Non pan stickers, Bromide, Vs. Cards, ETC) can be found HERE

Pan Stickers can be found HERE

Book, Comic, and Calendar pages can be found HERE

Kid Figues can be found HERE

Non Pokemon Sales can be found HERE

I am open to trades as well. my wants list can be found HERE
Also open to trading for disney pins :3

Granted sales permission by areica96 on November 7, 2015
-My Feedback can be found Here
-All community rules apply.
-I ship from Chicago, IL in the United States and I do ship international (buyer is responsible if there are customs fees)
-Prices are in USD
- Paypal only please!
-total will include paypal fees, cost of items, and shipping cost
-Shipping for non-flats starts at 3.50$
- First come, first serve. If you are committed to an item PLEASE say you are (asking for a quote does not mean you are committed).
- I will only sell to PKMNcollectors members and to no one who is banned or personally banned from my sales.
-If its not listed, its not available.
-If you have any questions feel free to ask.
-If you are worried about the condition of the item PLEASE ASK ME QUESTION OR FOR MORE PICTURES. I will happily provide more close up pictures of items just let me know. Many of my items are used and may have wear, it is the buyers responsiblity to understand the condition of the items before they buy them. I am not responsible if you choose to ignore my rules.
-No haggling please unless it says OBO
-Payment is due within 48 hours unless otherwise worked out with me
-I am a semi-slow shipper! Please allow up to 1 week for me to ship your item. Most items will be shipped out on the weekend.
-I reuse shipping materials. Let me know if you have a problem with that. Using new materials will increase your shipping price.
-All items come from a non-smoking home and I do not have pets
-I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items, once an item is out of my hands I have no control over it.
-Please leave feedback after your items arrive and I will leave you some too :)

Plush (please ask for more pictures if needed)
Pokemon Center Kyurem TTO
I love Pikachu TTO: 8$
I love Pikachu Pass Holder NWT: 15$
Pikachu Meowth Pokedoll Kuji TTO (loose thread): 30$
Axew Pokedoll NWT (Hang tag faded and creases): 30$
JP Zoroark Pokedoll TTO
Minccino Pokedoll TTO: 12$
Froakie MPC TTO: 10$
Hydregon MPC (detached hang tag)
Deino MPC (detached hangtag): 10$
Fennekin Banpresto NWT: 20$
Pokemon time Sylveon NWT
Pokemon time Eevee NWT
Pokemon time Glaceon NWT: 30$
Pokemon time Espeon NWT
Pokemon time Flareon NWT
We are Team Rocket Pumkaboo Plush Banpresto, TTO: 30$
Axew Super DX Banpresto NWT: 35$ 30$
UFO Garchomp Banpresto TTO
Piplup Shiny Jumbo Plush Banpresto NWT
I Love Pikachu XD HQ MWT
I Love Pikachu Winking with Gem
I Love Pikachu Sitting with Gem: 15$
I Love Pikachu Mascot, Sleeping MWT: 10$
I Love Pikachu Mascot, Winking MWT
Tomy T-Arts Pikachu MWT: 5$

I Love Pikachu Mascot MWT: 10$
I Love Pikachu Mascot, On Belly MWT
Tomy Minun Grabby Plush MWT: 7$
Spikey Eared Pichu Mascot Banpresto TTO: 7$
Pikachu Mascot Banpresto MWT: 3$
I Love Eevee Cushion, TTO
Probably Bootleg Banpresto Mascot Tepig TTO: 1$
Pokeball Reversible Hasbro Jigglypuff TTO: 3$

The following plushies are in good to new condition:
Treeko Pokedoll TTO (loved condition)
Palkia Pokedoll TTO: 35$
Sandile Pokemon Center Plush: 25$
Whimsicott Pokedoll TTO
Riolu Pokedoll TTO: 30$
Dedene Pokedoll TTO: 13$
Plusle Pokedoll TTO: 20$
Emolga Pokedoll TTO: 22$

Pokemon Center Sleeping Oshawott TTO
Shinx Canvas Plush TTO (used condition)

Lopunny Shiny XD UFO Banpresto UFO (loved condition ask for pics)
Sylveon Eevee Waku Waku Get Kuji 2003 NWT: 50$
Pikachu Pichu Waku Waku Get Kuji 2003 NWT: 30$
Pikachu Mewoth Ichiban Kuji 2012 NWT: 55$ 40$
Mew Shopro Plush NWT: 50$ 45$
Pichu Christmas Stocking NWT

The following plushies are in good to new condition:
Axew Banpresto TTO
Halloween Minccino TTO
Turtwig Bandai (UFO?) TTO
Togepi Bandai TTO: 20$
Pichu Fuzzy TOMY TTO: 22$
Oshawatt Plush (no tags): 10$
Emolga Plush (no tags): 10$
Tepig plush (no tags): 10$
Latias 2005 Pokedoll NWT (slight creases on tag, ask for pics) : 85$
Pokemon Center Hiroshima Pikachu Magikarp Plush Keychain
Shaymin Sky Bandai NWT
Scraggy Pokedoll TTO: 15$
Froakie Bandai TTO: 10$
Serperior Bandai TTO
Stoutland Bandai UFO TTO: 15$
Fuzzy Marril TTO: 7$
Pikachu Mascot Bandai NWT: 5$

I Love Pikachu Mascot, Winking TTO: 7$

Large pikachu tomy 1999 TTO (x2): 80$ 60$ OBO

Heartland Chatot Puppet MWT
Ichiban Kuji Nebukuro Snorlax NTW
Victini Banpresto Plush: 30$
Pikachu Plauch (XY tag said Taiwan sale only) NWT: 25$
Celebi Pokemon Center Plush TTO: 25$
Lucario TOMY Advanced Generation Plush TTO: 40$

Keldeo Banpresto NWT (x3): 20$
Giratina Origin Forme Banpresto TTO (has a small stain ask for pics)
Piplup Banresto TTO: 25$
Froakie Banpresto TTO: 23$
Dedene Banpresto TTO (x2): 20$
Pancham Banpresto NTW: 25$
Zekrom Banpresto TTO: 20$
Pikachu Banpresto TTO: 20$
Hapipny Banpresto TTO (missing 2 flowers) TTO: 7$

Fennekin Banpresto TTO: 17$
Pikachu Holding Ear Banpresto TTO: 12$
Munna Banpresto NWT: 7$
Red Genesect Banpresto TTO: 7$
Combee Banpresto TTO: 12$
Mime Jr. Banpresto TTO: 8$
Lilipup Banpresto NWT: 16$
Darumaka Banpresto TTO:15$
Pikachu Picnic Banpretso TTO: 12$
Chimchar Banpresto NWT: 12$
Pachirisu Banpresto TTO: 15$
Turtwig Mascot w/ Leaf TTO
Piplup Banpresto TTO: 5$
Piplup Mascot TTO (Left): 5$
Piplup Mascot TTO (Right): 5$
Banpresto Skitty TTO
Pikachu Mascot NWT: 5$
Zorua Head Banpresto  TTO: 6$
Pikachu Banpresto NWT: 6$
MPC Simisear TTO: 12$
MPC Hydreigon TTO
Fuzzy Tomy Elekid NWT: 23$
Bandai Pikachu Plush Friends TTO: 12$
Bandai Azumarill Plush Friends TTO: 50$ 45$
Victini Tomy TTO: 20$
Emolga Pokedoll TTO (used): 10$
Chimchar Pokedoll TTO (used): 8$
Pokemon Center Minccino TTO: 10$
TOMY Talking Shaymin TTO
Tomy Pachirisu TTO: 30$
Pokemon Center Talking Fennekin TTO (no voice box): 45$
Kirlia Banpresto UFO 2005 MWT
Munna Banpresto MWT: 7$
Mantyke Banpresto MWT
I love Eevee Espeon TTO: 10$
Charmander Mascot Banpresto TTO
Oshawatt Mascot Banpresto NWT
Jellicent UFO Banpresto MWT
Tepig Tomy T-Arts MWT: 5$
Tepig mascot MWT
Panpour Banpresto MWT
Keldeo Banpresto MWT
Glameow Banpresto MWT
Froakie Banpresto UFO MWT: 15$
Gengar 2007 Japan Pokedoll
Chespin Banpresto UFO MWT: 15$
Wobbuffet Banpresto UFO MWT: 17$
Eelektross Banpresto (x2 x1) TTO: 13$
I Love MArine Shellos TTO: 10$
Fennekin Banpresto TTO: 15$
Axew UFO Banpresto TTO: 15$
Dragonite UFO Banpresto MWT

Hydreigon UFO Banpresto MWT
Oshawott Banpresto Best Wishes MWT: 12$
Oshawott Banpresto MWT
Deoxys Plush (no tags, used condition): 15$
Chimchar Tomy TTO (velcro pocket in back but nothing inside, plush is in really great condition): 30$
2001 Pikachu Mcdonalds plush
Pichu Banpresto 2013  TTO (no hang string): 6$
Halloween Scraggy Banpresto W/ Mask TTO: 8$
Pikachu Face Pokemon Center mini pillow: 7$ 5$
Victini TOMY plush (maybe best wishes?) TTO:  20$

My Pokemon Collection (MPC):
Reshiram MWT
Zekrom MWT
Furret MWT: 30$
Blaziken MWT
Meowth MWT: 15$
Oshawott MWT: 18$
Fennekin MWT: 18$
Victini MWT: 12$
Blastoise MWT: 20$
Chansey MWT: 15$
Emolga MWT: 15$
Pikachu MWT: 13$
Pumkaboo MWT: 20$
Lucario MWT
Furfrou MWT: 22$
Hawchula NWT (glue on wings are old and wings had separated from the arms a bit): 10$
Froakie TTO: 10$
Manaphy TTO no Keychain: 5$
My Pokemon Collection (MPC):
Pansage MWT: 12$
Lillipup MWT
Audino MWT: 15$
Bunnelby MWT: 17$
Diancie MWT
Jynx MWT: 15$
Palpitoad MWT: 10$
Glameow MWT: 10$
Frillish MWT
Tyrunt MWT
Aurorus MWT
Sewaddle MWT: 13$
Krookodile TTO, no keychain
Krokorok TTO, no keychain: 17$
My Pokemon Collection (MPC):
Axew MWT: 15$
Patrat MWT: 13$
Dwebble MWT: 15$
Scrafty MWT: 17$
Trubbish MWT
Deerling Summer MWT: 13$
Deerling Winter MWT: 13$
Zweilous MWT: 12$
Gothita MWT: 17$
Vanillish MWT: 13$
Swinub TTO
Croagunk TTO: 9$
Bunnelby TTO: 13$
My Pokemon Collection (MPC) all are TTO with no keychain:
Boldore: 7$

Stunfisk (x2): 5$
Druddigon: 10$
Deino: 7$
Zweilous: 7$
Roggenrola: 5$
Excadrill: 10$
Pignite: 10$
Deerling Spring: 7$
Deerling Winter: 5$
Sawsbuck Spring
Sawsbuck Winter

Basculin: 10$
Chespin: 5$
Mienfoo: 10$
Ferrothorn: 10$
Swoobat (has Keychain)
Damaged/ Dirty plush ( MPCs except Dialga) : 3$ each
Kyurem MPC: 20$
Simisear MPC: 7$
Larvesta MPC: 7$
Sold: landorus, tornadus, beartic,Golurk, Dialga, Reshiram, Braviary
Note: Plush in these pictures are dirty and damaged please ask for pictures/ and what the damages are!!

Meowth Play-by-Play (tush tag is cut off and has minor stains that will probably come off with washing): 25$ (he is heavy so shipping may be alot)
Meowth Hasbro TTO: 5$
Emboar 2010 pokemon center plush TTO (Slight pilling and hanging threads, very minor.): 25$ 20$
Axew Jakks pokeball plush TTO (transformed into pokeball): 13$
Victini TOMY plush (maybe best wishes? not sure. medium pilling on head and body) TTO: 12$
Squirtle Toy Factory NWT
Pikachu Heartland Puppet TTO (very loved condidtion): 7$
Pichu Tomy Plush TTO
Piplup tomy plush TTO (very very slight pilling on edges): 12$
Archen TOMY best wishes plush TTO (loved condition, pilling on felt parts)
Oshawatt plush (no tags, very loved condition): 5$
Pansage plush (x2 the on the right is minky i dont know that fabric of the one on the left, both have no tags but are in nice condition): 4$ each

Pokemon Time Vaporeon Keychain
Pokemon Time Flareon Keychain
Ichiban Kuji Flareon Nebukuro: 13$
Pikachu Lanyard Pouch: 5$
Ichiban Kuji Modern Art Pikachu Coin Pouch
I Love Pikachu Zipper Pouch and Card Holder: 12$
If you are concerned about condition please ask!!

Pokemon Choco figures:
Pikachu: 3$
Mega Lucario: 7$
Zygard 10%
Espeon: 7$
Mew: 5$
Ash Greninja (missing stand): 3$

Substitute Larvatar
Substitute Ditto
Substitute Pikachu (x2 x1)
Team Galactic Pikachu (x2): 8$
Team Plasma Pikachu (x2): 8$
Team Flare Pikachu (x2): 8$
Ditto Squirtle
Ditto Jigglypuff

Ditto Raichu (x3 x2)
Ditto Poliwhirl
Ditto Gengar
Ditto Charmander
Ditto Pikachu

Zapdos Tomy Monster Collection Figure NIP: 7$
Pikachu Putitto NIP: 6$ each
Dedene (ear phone holder???) NIP
Goodra candy figure NIP
Zygard 10% Candy Figure NIP

1$: Poliwhirl, Tangela, Graveler
3$: Electivire, Torterra, Magmortar
5$: Palkia
7$: Mega Mewtwo Y
Sold: Dialga, Noivern
All 3$ Except:
2$ Tengela Spinner, Blastoise bank (no plug), Tepig
1$: Small Meowth
Mewoth, Psyduck, Ash, and Squirtle are japanese electronic toys (have not been tested)
Sold: Ash, skymin
I do not know the legitimacy of these figures so please ask for pics and buy at your own risk
These are mostly tomy figures

Old Mewtwo (x2): 4$
Charmander (tomy): 5$
Scyther (tomy): 12$
New Blastoise: 7$
Old Blastoise (x2): 3$
Brock: 16$
Scyther (lighter one, idk the company)
Hitmonlee (not a tomy, idk the company): 5$
Arcanine: 15$
Kabutops: 16$
Pikachu Standing
Pikachu Sitting: 3$
Gyarados: 14$
Pidgeot (x2) (not sure if these are real. they dont look real to me): 1$
Moltres no wings (not tomy): 1$
Zapdos no wings (not tomy): 1$
Zapdos (x2): 3$
Eevee: 5$
Chansey: $3
Raichu: 4$
Pancham chocofigure: 3$
Ceramic Charmander (not tomy, but a diorama figure)
Mewtwo 16th movie ver zukan figure (only what you see here. no base or anything): 14$
Tomy Mew
Darker Mew: 5$
Meowth: 4$
Clefable: 5$
Bulbasaur (idk what brand): 3$
Charizard (stamp figure i think): 4$
I do not know the legitimacy of these figures so please ask for pics and buy at your own risk (I believe all in this pic are legit)
these are all tomy figures
Golurk: 5$
Mega Blastoise: 25
Tornadus (missing tail): 2$
Quilladin: 3$
Pignite: 3$
Oshawott: 3$
Carracosta: 5$
Kyurem: 7$
Inkay: 5$
Scatterbug: 4$
Running Pikachu: 5$
Standing Pikachu: 5$
Manaphy: 4$
Keychains (most have no chain part)
Psyduck: 3$
Small Mewtwo: 3$
Big Mewtwo: 5$
Glow in the Dark Mewtwo: 7$
Blastoise: 5$
Abra (x2): 2$
Squirtle: 5$
Charmander: 5$
Nidorina: 4$
Meowth: 3$
Zapdos: 4$
Mankey: 4$
Nidoran: 2$
Wigglytuff: 2$
Rattata: 1$ Broken: .50$
Bulbasaur: 1.50$
Mew: 3$
Plastic Metallic figures: 1.50$
Clear Pikachu (Angry, Sitting): 2$
Hitmonlee Dratini (x2 x1), Mew, Squirtle :5$
Pikachu, Raichu,Mewtwo: 1$
Sold: Metallic Scyther, hypno, Charizard
Metal Figures With Box:
Caterpie Gold: 8$
Caterpie silver: 8$
Caterpie Blue: 8$
Squirtle Bronze: 10$
Lickitung Blue: 15$
Pikachu Yellow: 8$
Parasect Gold: 10$
Wigglytuff Blue: 16$
Metal Figures
5$: Machop, Machamp, Venomoth, Starmi, Psyduck, Hypno, Sandshrew
6$: Pidgeot (Right, Left), Cubone, Green Pikachu, Tentacruel, Ivysaur
7$: Pikachu Red Cheeks, Yellow Pearl Pikachu, Persian, Weedle
15$: Gold Mew
20$: Green Mew
Sold: Kabuto, Slowbro, small Chansey Grimer, Muk
All 1.50$ each
2$: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Blastoise, Nidoking, Seadra
4$: Gyarados
Sold: Fuzzy Caterpie, seel, paras, TangelaIMG_5047.jpg
All 1.50$ each
2$: Togepi, Mew
3$: Growlithe (x2 x1), Ninetails
Sold: Rapidash, Charmeleon
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
2$: Blastoise (x3), Wartortle Normal, Seadra, Golduck
3$: Bubble Wartortle
5$ Gyarados
Sold: Slowpoke, Lapras
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
2$ Charmander
3$: Rapidash (x2 x1)
5$: Ninetails (x4 x3)
Sold: Vulpix, Charmeleon
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
3$: Zapdos
Sold: Eyes Closed Pikachu, Dittochu
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
2$ Normal Cubone
3$: Aerodactyl
Sold: Mr. Mime, Crying Cubone, kabutops
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
2$: Mew (Left x2, Right), Dragonite, Mewtwo, Togepi
5$: Gengar
Sold: Jigglypuff, Jynx, both chansey
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
.50$: No bulb Bulbasaur
1$: Blue Oddish
2$ Bellsprout, Ivysaur (Vnes, Normal), Bulbasaur, Ivysaur
4$: Scyther
Sold: Both Venusaur, Both Bulbasaur, bloom, Parasect, Tangela
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
3$: Hitmonlee, Hitonchan, Hitmontop
5$: Flareon (x2), Eevee (Left, Right)
Full Color Stadium Figures
All 1.50$ each
2$: Nidoking, Nidoqueen
3$ Moltres (Left, Right),
sold: Articuno, grimer, Left Kangaskhan,
Full Color Stadium Figures
1.50$: Nidorino (Purple x2, Pink x2), Seaking (x2), Goldeen, Magneton (x2)
2$: Nidoking
3$: Moltres
Sold: Both Articuno, Slowbro, both Pikachu, Scyther, Alakazam
Pikachu Penciltopper Set: 15$ (not separating)
Penciltoppers and Minifigure
All 1$ each
2$: Ghastly
3$: Colored Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee
5$: Glow in the Dark Flareon
Sold: Glow in the Dark Pikachu, hypno
All 1$ each
2$: Cubone, Blastoise, Charmander
Sold: Scyther, Green Porygon
All 1$ each
1.50$: Marowak, Dragonite, Charmander
Sold: Kadabra
Penciltoppers and Minifigure
1$: Koffing, Machoke, Golbat, Omanyte, Sandshrew, Seel, Wigglytuff (x2), Staryu, Ekans, Pikachu, Tentacool (Red, Blue), Exeggutor
2$: Mewtwo(Red, Blue), Mew, Blastoise, Wartortle
2.50$: Squirtle, Venusaur
4$: Flareon
Sold: Koffing, gloom, Kabutops
1$: Psyduck, Wigglytuff, Machamp, Meowth, Chansey, Seel
2$: Wartortle, Charmander, Blastoise, Ivysaur
2.50$: Kabutops, Dragonite (Blue, Orange), Porygon, Nidoqueen
3.50$: Charizard (x2 x1),
4$: Vaporeon, Lapras, Dratini, Eevee
sold: Articuno, light blue lapras, blue lapras, Orange Lapras
Figures and Erasers
1$: Grimer, Pikachu (Red, Yellow)
2$ Mew (Yellow, Blue), Dragonite, Cubone, Charizard (x2 x1), Squirtle (x2)
3$: Voltorb
Sold: Surfing Pikachu, Cubone, Charizard

Groudon Ultraball Keychain (Missing an arm): 2$
Rayquaza Masterball Keychain: 5$
Deoxys Masterball Keychain: 5$
Arceus Masterball Keychain: 5$
Top Row Rayquaza Keychain: 7$
Ho-Oh Bell Keychain: 15$
Groudon Masterball Keychain (Row 2): 7$
Jirachi Masterball Keychain: 7$
Giratina Attack Keychain
Skymin Attack Keychain: 7$
Regigigas Attack Keychain: 7$
Azuril Pokeball Keychain: 5$
Mailmer Pokeball Keychain: 5$
Mew and Crystal Keychain
Wobbufett and Meowth Keychain: 8$
Lucario and Sword Keychain
Rayquaza Keychain (Tail Broken): 2$
Skymin Strap (in red gatcha bubble): 5$
Deoxys Strap: 5$
Girantina Strap: 5$
Lugia Strap
Regice Charm: 6$
Regirock Charm: 6$

Swampert Greatball Keychain: 5$
Shaymin Figure w/ Card: 5$
Pikachu Bobblehead (x2): 4$ each
Smaller Pikachu Bobblehead (smaller): 4$
Mudkip Bobblehead
Wynatt Bobblehead

Meowth Figure: 3$
Pikachu Figure: 3$
Drapion Zukan Figure: 4$
Lucario Clipping Figure: 8$
Dialga Clipping Figure: 6$
Groudon figure: 3$
Deoxys Pokeball Figure: 3$
Pikachu Pokeball Figure: 3$
Regirock Figure: 3$
Deoxys Figure: 3$
Wind Up Pichu (3rd Row, also i think its missing a piece?): 2$
Zekrom Keychain: 6$
Mc Donalds Pull Back Pikachu: 4$
McDonalds Wind Up Pichu: 12$
McDonalds Wind Up Blaziken: 12$
McDonalds Wind Up Treeko: 12$
McDonalds Wind Up Groudon: 12$
McDonalds Pullback Pichu: 6$
Wind Up Psyduck: 5$
Japan McDonalds Mudkip Top: 6$
Japan McDonalds Torchic Top: 6$
Japan McDonalds Pikachu Top: 4$
Chespin Rubber Strap NIP: 5$
Clefairy Keychain (used): 2$
Scrafty Strap
Snivy Strap: 5$
Clear Pikachu Strap: 5$
Mewtwo Strap: 5$
Pikachu Rubber strap (used): 3$
Togepi bell (missing keychain): 3$
Rattata Keychain: 1$
Soft Plastic Celebi Keychain: 10$
Poliwhirl Keychain: 2$
Diagla Keychain MIP
Pikachu Left: 4$
Pikachu Middle: 4$
Pikachu Right: 5$
Snivy Strap: 5$
Oshawott strap: 5$
Chespin strap: 5$
Fennekin Strap: 5$
Pancham Strap
Eevee Ippai figure: 9$
Froakie Strap: 5$
Pikachu Strap in bag: 5$
Oshawott Strap in bag: 5$

5$ each
Mew (x2 x1): 6$
Charmander, Charizard: 7$
Magikarp, Rapidash : 10$
Sold: Sandshrew, Charmeleon

5$ each
Chansey, : 6$
Squirtle, Blastoise: 7$
Sold: Articuno, Clefairy,

5$ each
Ivysaur, Venusaur: 7$
Zapdos : 10$
Sold: Raichu
Doduo: 3$
Magneton: 4$
Clefaiy (has poliwhirl sticker): 2$
Mini Stamper 3 set (Electrode, Pokeball, Ditto): 5$

NIB Tomy Stampers (not sure if these light up or what)
Pikachu: 7$
Pichu: 12$

Stampers Bandai Not Tested
Hitmonchan: 5$
Pikachu: 3$
Squirtle: 6$
Misty and Togepi
Dugtrio: 4$

Stampers Bandai Not Tested
Clefairy: 5$
Ash and Pikachu (Left, Right): 7$ Each
Togepi: 6$

Stampers Bandai Not Tested
Pikachu: 3$
Hitmonchan: 5$
Togepi and Pikachu: 10$
Red Pikachu: 3$

Stampers Bandai Not Tested
Togepi: 6$
Dratini: 8$
Pikachu: 3$
Dugtrio: 4$
Charmander (has black spots on the stamp): 2$
Charizard (has black spots on the stamp): 2$
Mewtwo: 6$

NIP Stampers Bandai
Pacharisu: 10$
Buizel: 12$
the rest are sold

Stampers New, Never Used
4$ each
Rockruff, Solgaleo, Lunala, Tapukoko, Litten, Popleo: 5$

Stampers Not Tested
Left: 5$ Each
Right: 3$

Stampers Not Tested
3$ Each
sold: Paras, Kabutops

Stampers Not Tested
3$ each

Stampers Not Tested
3$ each

Stampers Not Tested
5$ each
Sold: Arcanine

4$ each
7$: Zapdos, Moltres, Arcanine, Growlithe
12$: Delibird
Sold: Slowpoke, Slowbro, tangela

5$ Each Except:
10$: Unknown
7$: Zapdos
6$: Vulpix (x2 x1)
Sold: Porygon, Charmeleon

4$ each
Sold: Staryu

4$ each
5$: Nidoking, Wartortle, Venusaur
sold: gloom

Stamps Except Machoke is stamper (not tested)
4$ each
sold: Sandshrew, Mr Mime

Ichiban Kuji Nebukuro hand towels: 5$ each
Sold: Charizard

Ichiban Kuji Nebukuro hand towels 4$ each Or Buy 2 get 1 free!
Flareon (x3 x2), Charizard (x2 x1), Snorlax (x2 x1), Gengar (x2 x1), Eevee (x6)

I love Pikachu UFO prize Bath towel: 30$

Clear Files

Ichiban Kuji Modern Art Skiploom and Jumpluff print (x2): 6$
Pokemon time eeveelutions: 7$ each
Sold: Leafeon

Pokemon Time Deoxys , Xatu (sets of 2): 15$ each
Eeveelutions, Vaporeon: 7$ each

Sold: Eeveelutions, Gardevior
Pokemon Time Skitty, Gulpin, Eeveelutions: 10$ each
Pokemon Time Blastoise, Venusaur: 13$ each
Pokemon Time Psyduck
Pikachu Oops: 12$
Pokemon Pikachu Mega Slowbro, Audino, Sableye: 7$ each
Pokemon Black and White: 5$
Year of the Monkey 2016: 10$
Pikachu Detective
Pikachu Carnival: 10$

Pokemon Pikachu Mega Lucario Folder
Multi Mega Pokemon Pikachu Folder: 10$
My Dearest Files Gardevior/Gallade, Pikachu, Meowstic: 20$ 15$each


Snivy Tepig Folder: 7$
Black and White 2 Folder
Ditto Folder
Victini Snivy Tepig Folder: 7$
Inkay/Pikachu Folder: 7$
Small diancie folder: 5$
Ichiban Kuji

6$ each or 2 for 10$
Snorlax, Ekans (x4 x3), Flareon, Gengar (x3 x2), Eevee circle (x3), Charizard (x7 x6), Eevee

Dedene and pikachu scent pouch: 7$
Eevee scent pouch
Pikachu tail pouch: 5$
Dedene hair band
Eevee Nebukuro socks (x3 x2): 4$
Pikachu Screen cleaner (x2): 6$
Vaporeon Screen Cleaner: 7$
Lotad Screen Cleaner
Milotic and Vaporeon Modern art Clear file
Pikachu Ampharos Modern Art tote
Milotic Modern Art Screen Cleaner
Ampharos Modern Art Screen Cleaner
Gengar Nebukuro: 14$
Vaporeon Modern Art Coin Pouch: 25$
Pokemon pouch (Froakie, Dedene, Charmander, Chespin, Fennekin, Pikachu, Fletchling): 7$
Misc. Items

NIP Poke Park Poster/ Tarp #1: 20$

Poke Park Map: 5$ each

Top Row- Amada Sticker Albums: NIP: 10$ each/ Used: 7$ each
Bottom Row Left- Batterino Holder: 8$ each
Bottom Row Right: Kid Sticker Holders: 6$ each

Bromide albums: NIP 6$ each/Used: 5$ each

Flechling line: 16$
Skrelp line
Lucario line: 10$
Zapdos: 8$
Ralts line
Jigglypuff line: 20$
Magikarp line: 12$

Keychains 3$ each
Sold: Bonsley, Flygon, Circle Lucario

Top Row (holographic): 3$
2nd, 3rd, and Bottom Row: 2$
All Others: 1$ each
Sold: Lucario

Plastic Chips: 1.50$
Sold: Blaziken

Top Row: 3$ each
The rest: 2$ each
Sold: Keldeo

(example plane at top) Soft Gliders: 4$ each
Sold:Glider # 06

Soft Gliders: 4$ each

Gatcha Machines: 5$ each
Rayquaza with figure: 10$
Sold: Weavile
Gatcha Machines: 5$ each
Pikachu, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup Bromice Holder (used condition): 5$
Pokemon XY Xerneas, Yvetal, Litleo, Chespin, Pikachu, Froakie, Fennekin, Dedene, Pancham Pan Sticker Holder: 10$
Scyther Line Charms: 8$
Tornadus Charm: 4$
Pidove Line Charms: 10$
Reshiram Zekron Mini Notebook

Pink Eeveelution pouch
Pokemon Time Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreom pouch NWT: 40$
Zangoose Pokemon time tin: 12$ each
Swampert pokemon time tin: 15$
Acrylic Migawari Substitute Keychains (comes with the box flattened)
Top Row: 10$
All Others: 12$
ID Holders (flower x1, tree x3): 3$
Pikachu Flower Keychain: 2$
Pikchu Apple Tree Pouch: 3$

Can badges/ Buttons: 4$ each
Sold: Both Mudkip

Pokemon Movie Slide Show Toy (shows stills from the movies): 5$ each
Sold: Yellow Slideshow

70 pc puzzle: 7$

70 pc puzzle: 7$

Puzzles and art: 5$ each
Sold: Top Right Puzzle

Buizel, Manaphy, Mantyke, Pikachu, Chatot Drawing Tin Set (includes notepad and colored pencils): 12$
Pokemon Tracing Sets (features various DP pokemon to trace): 5$ each
Pokemon Ranger (?) Phone (not tested): 7$

Watches (not tested, all out of batteries)
Chatot (strap is broken) : 2$
Manaphy: 3$
Darkrai: 4$
Lugia: 4$
Deoxys Vs Rayquaza (with cover: 3$, Cover broken: 2$)
Pikachu: 3$
Shaymin: 4$
Mega Gardevior Pikachu
Mega Lopunny Pikachu
Pokemon Cafe Keychain (Male, Female): 6$
Pokemon Cafe Torchic Can Badge: 7$
Psyduck Magnet: 3$
Duskull Magnet
Pikachu Leaf Magnet: 3$
Volbeat Magnet: 6$
Mew Magnet: 5$
Clefairy Magnet: 4$
Pikachu Magnet: 2$
Electabuzz Clip: 2$
Pokemon Hanafuda Can Badge (Persian/Ninetails, Ponyta/Rapidash, Cubone): 8$ each

Ichiban Kuji Gengar Nebukuro Pikachu Strap: 14$
Pokemon Time Farfetch'd Tin: 13$
Axew Pixel Tin: 10$
Kyogre Gachapon Machine Toy (loved condition): 5$

Pan sticker/ seal holder (in used condition please ask for specifics): 5$ each
Xernias Yvetal DS Case (x2): 5$
Sold: Giratina Pan Sticker Holder
Zekrom Best Wishes stainless steel trash can (UFO Prize): 120$ OBO

Shiny Mega Gyarados Deck box (? maybe fits 2 decks?): 7$

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October 20 2017, 12:24:57 UTC 3 years ago

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Also the tiny $4 reshiram zekrom sealed note book! Along with the $4 purple plane (I'm on the app, otherwise I would have just sent one message, haha!)

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